hi guys! i’m posting this gif because i want to say something for everyone who is depressed, suicidal, sad, etc. A lot of blogs that follow me are suicidal blogs and i just want you guys to know that you are ALL perfect to me. perfect does NOT mean flawless face, curvy hips, skinny legs, high GPA, popular at school, and anymore of that bullshit. perfect means you; you being you and not changing for anyone. Never let anyone create false images in your head about who you should be, and who you shouldn’t be. if we are all born different, why should we change for others. we should be ourselves no matter what everyone says or no matter what society tells us. i know this probably sounds cliche but it honestly breaks my heart to think or imagine what you guys go through and think you deserve to cut, throw-up, or do anything harmful to your body and mind. it ALWAYS gets better no matter the circumstances. so i am begging you to all stay strong. if you cut, throw-up, etc there are other alternatives to that so please stop for your own good. consider that you are not only harming yourself but others that love you. and if you think no one loves you, you are wrong. many people including me love you so much. so please stay strong and i love you all ❤

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Anonymous: How many real friends do you have? 

not many :/ maybe 1

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bubeltime: Hi :) Is it rude to ask for a promo? You have really nice blog. Greetings from Poland ! 

it’s not rude but sorry I don’t do promos :( greetings from Cali! :)

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Anonymous: post a selfie bby 


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sorry not interested!

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