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Anonymous: what is your sister's theme? the pugs not drugs one? it's so simple and cute i love it 

haha you can ask her I don’t know what it is

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Anonymous: Don't tell me what to do! *Zsnap* I mean, hey. c: 

hahahaa hellooo :]

send me anons.

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jessicadawnx: Your blog is amazing. It's like everything I love in one place.👌 

msndjslacoapyawiqlqj omg thank you

extentuates: hi babe!! I saw ur blog and I think I'm in love!!! I was wondering if you could check out/rate my blog? thanks so much c: 

thank youu!! rate: 7-8/10 I really like the theme of your pictures I hope more people follow you, you deserve more❤️

contrastly: Hi sweetie :) I just made my blog a couple of days ago and I was wondering if you could check it out? And if you have any pointers? And also if you have any favorite or recommended blogs I should follow (b&w)? Thank you so much!! 

hi! i reaallllllyyy like your url ❤️ if you want to gain more followers, maybe on every post you reblog or post, you can say like “black and white blog” so people can see it!

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perennialcontent: Hey :) I was wondering if you could give me a blog rate so I could improve my blog! I'm new and would love some help gaining followers. thanks so much xoxo 

oh my goodness I love your blog! 10/10 I feel like the flowers really blend well with the black and white, I love it! I followed :)

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